Finishing Planning

Monitoring of the finishing processes and continuous planning of weaving, knitting and finishing.

Continuous and Discontinuous Processes

With LOOMDATA it is possible to carry out the planning and production for both continuous and discontinuous processes. It is possible to create any combination of processing paths in finishing.
The versatility of LOOMDATA Finishing Monitoring and Planning makes it suitable for all types of textile production.

Unplanned processing paths

LOOMDATA offers the needed flexibility required for finishing. Variations and deviations from planned processing paths are monitored without the need for any special intervention.

Planning sequences for critical use machines

During the planning of a critical machine, the gathering of dyed parts or cloth which requires special chemical treatments, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the order in which cloth is processed on the machine. The planning sequence in LOOMDATA plans in respect to delivery dates and terms to minimize the need to change the set-up or configuration of a machine.

Finishing Tracker

Check your orders with the graphical order tracker. Know where each roll is in the plant at any time.

Creation and management of batched fabric

The creation of batched rolls is a necessary part of finishing. Batched rolls can be managed and planned using LOOMDATA. Use the style specifications as well as the actual measurement values from the inspection as base for the building of the batches. Thanks to batches, the required operator declarations can be reduced to a minimum.

Track pieces which are only partially processed

After the single processes the pieces receive a status identification, based on their level of processing. Together with the inventory control functions of the LOOMDATA system, it is possible to know the location of any piece at any time, as well as their status.

Joining, cutting and sewing rolls

These functions are fully supported by our LOOMDATA Machine Stations. Moreover, it is possible to carry out the division and joining of pieces at any time thanks to the graphical tracing. This is an element of great innovation.

Remote Machine Stations

On very long finishing machines it is necessary to control the starting and stopping of production from both ends of a machine. With LOOMDATA this is no problem: simply connect various remote machine stations where required.

Acquisition of production data

The LOOMDATA Machine Stations allow a flexible recording of measured values in real-time, whether analog or digital.

Universal Terminal

For complex machines we offer the LOOMDATA Universal Terminal with Windows Operating System. This allows to operate the machine by touch screen and you can see complex work sheets or video tutorials.

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