Garment Planning

Planning and tracking of garment production.

Example of Application

LOOMDATA Terminals on every workplace in the garment production are used for starting and stopping of production orders and booking of units produced per line or worker.
Additionally, waste that accrued can be recorded to get a feedback of production problems that occurred.

Production Order Planning

Production orders can be planned to the different production work places such as cutting and sewing lines. The end dates are calculated based on the nominal values and will be shown graphically. In this way you can detect delays in production or free capacities immediately.

Real-time Overview

In the machine layout you can see the actual situation of the production. Every detail of the different work places is shown and production orders can be started remotely.

Material Forecasts

Based on the forecasts the purchase of additional parts (consumption material, packing material) that are used for the garment can be planned.


Comprehensive numerical and graphical reports are available to analyze the production data. Various time ranges can be used to compare production data on a work place, team, time or style base.

Integrated Solution

The power of LOOMDATA is the link between all production departments. The integration of sales and purchase modules with the ERP modules completes this reliable and easy-to-use system.

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