Knitting Planning

The comprehensive solution for circular and flat knitting.

Manufacturing Order

Planning is made with the manufacturing order. Reservations and delivery of raw material are linked to the orders. The order planning shows the actual state of the orders and the machines based on the recorded data. While assigning machines the system automatically checks if the style can be produced on this machine type. As the planning is based on the basic data, manual entries for the staff are reduced to a minimum. In the basic data the style definitions are made. The following informations can be defined:

  • Yarn construction
  • Yarn length/twist
  • Yarn in kilogram and number of systems

Planner - Information in Real Time

The graphical view shows the complete and detailed information about all orders. Different views allow you to have information about style change, yarn requirement, setup type and other order details at any time.

The planner is updated and recalculated with real values from the running production. With drag and drop the replanning is very quick and easy. The forecasts are calculated with nominal values. When the order has started, the duration is recalculated with the actual values coming from the machine.


Any declaration can be made on the LOOMDATA machine stations installed at the knitting machine. These can be, for example, order start / stop / interrupt, roll cut, etc. Instead of using the keyboard, declarations can also be made with the optional RFID Key.

Yarn Requirement

The requirement of yarns and the yarn assignments are visible in the tab Raw material of the related machine.

  • Requirement for orders per day, week or month
  • Demand of yarn orders and purchase
  • Reservation of lots helps to avoid bottlenecks in case of urgent orders
  • Nominal / actual comparison for analyzes after production

Machine Layout

Knitting machine symbol with adapted information.


Numerous reports are the basis for analysis and statistics. All reports can be adapted to the needs of the users.

  • Production reports
  • Material tracing
  • Warehouse management


Interchanging data with any other system is very easy thanks to the LOOMDATA OpenSystem.

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