MES Ethernet Connectivity

Weaving machines with an Ethernet port can directly be connected with the LOOMDATA server via LAN (Local Area Network) for data exchange.

2022.Image Ethernet


The weaving machines are directly connected with the LOOMDATA server via LAN. It communicates with the machines and receives production data as well as user inputs by the TCP/IP protocol.


  • More detailed stop informations, such as color, accumulator stop, Leno, automatic pick repair etc
  • Process data (air consumption, temperature etc)
  • Control of machine (e.g. stop machine, block machine) Input of user operations directly at machine

Supported machine types

The Ethernet driver is available for new weaving machines of the following manufacturers:

  • Dornier
  • Itema
  • Picanol

User input

The following declarations can directly be entered at the control panel of the machine.

  • Order and material declarations
  • Quality defects, measured values
  • Operator and shift declarations
  • Declaration of calls, activities, out-of-production codes (OP codes)
  • Requesting reports

If uniform operation is important, one MS7 per machine can be used as declaration terminal for user inputs.

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