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The LOOMDATA Mobile App turns your Smartphone to a LOOMDATA Terminal, allowing to query and control all your productions machines from anywhere.

A mobile app screen

Navigation and favorites

Navigation by plant, rooms, fixer and operator work areas is available as well as predefined machine layouts. Make your personnel favorites to jump easily into screens of your interest.

Machine dashboard

The dashboard shows a chart of efficiency trend and actual speed. This allows a quick check of overall running conditions of your machines.

Machine events

This is a closer look to all the events coming from your machine.

  • Stops and OP codes
  • Activities and calls
  • Operator changes
  • Order and material changes
  • Machine alarms
  • Quality declarations

Document management

LOOMDATA Document Management allows you to import any kind of document into the LOOMDATA database, to link it to articles, orders or machines and to view it almost everywhere, also on your Smartphone.

Production program

See running and planned orders for your machine.

Check their properties like planned order length, number of pieces etc.

Start planned or stop running order without navigating to the control screen. View documents attached to the articles, orders etc.

Color indicators help to find quickly what you are looking for.

Shift book

Check machines shift book and create new entries or complete pending tasks.

Machine control

Control machines without walking to the machines terminal or a desktop computer in the shop floor. The Mobile App contains a complete menu structure to control the machine.

Picking lists make selection of planned orders or activities even more easy and save.
You struggle with complex menu structures? The menu on your smartphone can be personalized to get rid of all functions you don’t need.

Alarms and messages

Find all your personnel alarms and messages on your Smartphone to react agile and on the given situation.

Licensing and permissions

App licenses are available as read-only or full access versions. Permission for machine control can be restricted on user group level and menu item.

Industrial Smartphones

There are robust smartphones with partially integrated barcode scanners especially for the industrial environment. These are perfectly suitable for efficient warehouse management and the use of the LOOMDATA Mobile App.

  • User friendly and handy
  • Easy, fast and secure by reading Barcodes
  • Protection against dust and splash water and even temporary submersion (IP65/67)
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Extended drop and vibration specification
Recommended devices:
  • Zebra TC21, TC25, TC26
  • Scorpion 5″, 6″
  • CAT S42, S52, S62 Pro

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