MES MS7 Terminal

The LOOMDATA Terminal MS7 is the standard solution for production monitoring of all kind of machines and for the input of declarations.

The universal MS7 Terminal

Display and Keyboard of MS7

The MS7 has an illuminated four-line display with 20 digits each. This allows reading even from a larger distance. The keyboard provides programmable function keys.

User Functions of the MS7

  • Order and material declarations
  • Quality declarations
  • Personnel and shift declarations
  • Declarations of calls, activities, stop details, OP-Codes and service activities
  • Put and get from stock
  • Reports


Option for reading of contact-free RFID-Keys. The following operations are supported:

  • Personnel-Number and access control
  • Code key for declarations of OP-Codes, calls and activities
  • Material change functions, as piece changes, order changes


Another option for the entry of data is the barcode scanner. The typing errors can be eliminated by using barcodes.

MS7 as machine stations

The MS7 can be used as a machine station for one machine. For the recording of electrical signals one or more connections boxes (PI4) are attached to the MS7.

MS7 as group terminals

The MS7 can be used as a group terminal for several machines. The recording is limited to four electrical digital signals per machine (one connection box).

MS7 as declaration terminal

The MS7 can be used only as an input station (for warehouse movements or manual workplaces for example).

Machines with signals

Traditional machines with electrical signals are connected to the MS7 by PI4 connection boxes with digital in- and outputs. Optionally connection boxes for the connection of analog sensors are available.
Examples for input signals which are recorded automatically:

  • Production signal in mm/pulse, pick signal etc
  • Machine state (run / stop signal, counter selection)
  • Stop reason, example: warp stop, manual stop, engine stop, security stop
  • Production events as lot number change, piece change etc
  • Temperature, humidity, pressure (analog)

Examples for applications with output signals:

  • Machine stop
  • Turn on lamp to signal alarm condition

Machines with VDI Interface

Machines with serial interfaces according to VDI standards are also supported and can be connected to the MS7 directly.


The MS7 is connected to the Texbus which also provides its power. This is the most stable and economical solution and can be also used for combined installations with MS4 and MS1.

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