MES Universal Terminal / Inspection

In addition to the machine station MS7 we offer a comfortable MS Windows based Touch Terminal as machine data acquisition unit and man-machine-interface. The touch screen allows easy handling without keyboard and mouse.

Fields of application

  • Terminal for machines with extended requirements, especially in finishing
  • Inspection terminal for quality control
  • Terminal for assembling work places


  • Based on MS Windows
  • Designed for touch handling
  • Freely configurable user interface
  • Freely configurable function keys
  • Display of documents of the running or next article, order or item; for example setup instructions, inspection schemes or assembling instructions
  • Support for multiple production lines
  • Easy and efficient entry of defect codes (QCodes). Inspection scheme based input of measurements

Easy handling

All commands can be easily executed with the self explanatory symbols, whose arrangement can be adapted according to the users’ needs. Any required information can be seen on the screen in different tabs which allows the inspector to fully concentrate on analyzing the fabrics.

Delivery contents

  • LOOMDATA Touch Terminal Software License per user
  • Electronic counter unit for production recording
  • Optional: PI4 module for capturing digital input signals
  • Optional: industrial PC with touch screen

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