Option Information System

Shows relevant information in the machine floors to control and improve the overall efficiency of your machines and employees.

Information Screen

The information screen consists of a small form PC connected to a monitor or a TV screen. Your configured information is shown automatically in a certain time interval.
You can install several information screens at different places in the room to split the information by weaver or fixer group.

Key Figures

These could either be the machine efficiency, the weaver efficiency or both. Pick or time efficiency are available.

Information Text

Shows individual text messages on the screen to inform the employees at a central point of information.

Call System

The call report can show call codes issued by the operators directly on the machine stations.

Alarm System

The alarm report shows pending alarms detected by the alarm server.

Customized Reports

The information screen allows to add customer specific reports easily. Please ask your LOOMDATA technician for more information.

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