Option Machine and Device Maintenance

Plan and organize the preventive maintenance of any machinery in your plant with LOOMDATA. Keep the overview of the consumption of parts and determine the manpower requirements for maintenance.

Monitors Service Intervals

Based on information collected concerning production (picks, meters, yards or time) LOOMDATA monitors the service intervals. According to this information it is possible to plan each type of service that is required on each machine. At the end of the measured interval, the machine appears in the report service due. Alarms can also be configured to inform personnel about the jobs to be done. Information about the service interval is also displayed in the weaving order tracker.

Service Planning

By knowing the service intervals and when the service is necessary, it is easy to decide if the service should be performed during the next material change or before starting the next production order.

Spare Parts Utilization

Together with the LOOMDATA Inventory System module you will get a simple and efficient system for the planning and management of spare parts. As parts are issued and replaced, an overview of their consumption, availability and life expectancy will be created.

Document Management

All kinds of documents can be stored and managed in the LOOMDATA system. Checklists, setting instructions and more can be attached to the service order and are available to your employees.

Service Personnel Planning

LOOMDATA will inform about the manpower requirements and monitors the actual times it takes personnel to perform planned service tasks.

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