Option Ticket Printing

The flexible and customizable solution for printing accompanying cards, logs and labels with barcodes.

Labels for Product Identification

The ticket printing system can autonomously print bar coded labels that show the actual production values of cloth rolls, warps and yarn. With this type of documentation, it is possible to keep track of each item produced in your plant.

Work Orders for Production

The work order, supplied with or without the relative information, can be printed after the production planning has been carried out. These work orders give the necessary instructions to the personnel to ensure that production goals are met.

Customer Reports

Before delivery, an actual production and quality information report can be printed and attached to the products to be shipped.

Avoiding Input Errors

Thanks to the use of barcodes on the working papers, input errors can be largely avoided, as multi-digit numbers can also be read reliably. The LOOMDATA machine station MS7 can optionally be equipped with a barcode scanner. It does not matter whether the MS7 is connected to a machine or used as a declaration terminal for a group of machines. Our portable declaration terminal also has an integrated barcode scanner.

Supported Printers

For the printing of the LOOMDATA tickets a PC is acting as the Printer Server by running the LOOMDATA Ticket Print Application. This application can print the tickets to all printers that are either directly connected or accessible via network. Special label printers are also supported if drivers for MS Windows exist. Please ask your LOOMDATA sales representative if you need a recommendation for a label printer.

Customized Reports and Tickets

ZETA DATATEC GmbH can create customized tickets and reports that have been adapted to your requirements. ZETA DATATEC GmbH also provides the training and tools that will allow you to create these items yourself.

Create your own Tickets

With the purchase of the Ticket Printing System you will receive multiple sample work sheets. In addition, we offer you the possibility to attend courses to learn how to create work sheets on your own.

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