RFID Identification

Identify your goods by RFID tags in the warehouse or in the production process. LOOMDATA supplies the technology for it. Simple, robust and reliable.

LOMDATA - Supplier for RFID Technology


The UHF tags have been designed for textile purposes: thin, robust and economical. The tags will survive the textile treatment in every finishing process.

The Concept

The RFID tags have unique identification numbers. RFID readers at the production machines will read the tags and perform the required action (beginning of piece, end of piece). Mobile devices can be used to identify goods wherever they are in the shop floor.


Before production starts RFID tags have to be attached to the beginning and end of the pieces and connected with the identification number. Teach-in is the name for this process. For security reasons a single piece can be equipped with several tags.


Our readers have integrated antennas. The reading area can be controlled by the mounting point and the device power settings.

Tracing and Cost Optimization

Seamless tracing of goods in the production process is the key element for process and cost optimization. The RFID technology helps to trace the goods accurately, efficiently and reliably.

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