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Do you know the LOOMDATA system good enough to take full advantage of the benefits?

Our engineers are constantly developing LOOMDATA and adding new functions and improvements. Regular training ensures that your company also benefits from these developments, saving time and money in buying additional products and services that replicate the resources that LOOMDATA provide.

Learn more about your LOOMDATA system and join our interactive webinars.


  • Various possibilities of adaptations
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Adding / Removing columns
  • Export data
  • Print reports
  • Configuring basic communication
  • Creating machine stations / machine types and machines
  • Create processes
  • Definition Input / Output Configuration
  • What is a shift plan
  • What is the composition of a shift plan
  • How to create a shift plan
  • How to make changes
  • How to create and allocate workstations
  • What are activities / calls
  • Difference activities – out-of-production code
  • Create and configure activities and calls
  • Where can these be entered
  • In which reports do activities appear
  • Call up
  • Information
  • Charts
  • Print
  • Climate points
  • What is a weaving order
  • What is a partial order / weaving position
  • What basic data is needed
  • Creating orders
  • Weaving processes / start / stop / set up orders
  • System options that influence the planning
  • What is a preparation order
  • What basic data is needed
  • What needs to be configured and how
  • What processes and statuses are needed
  • Creating orders
  • Processes in the preparation / start / stop / set up orders
  • System options that influence planning
  • Configuring service types
  • Spare part allocation
  • Personnel allocation
  • Scheduling preventive maintenance
  • Performing scheduled services
  • Using the Mobile App
  • Warehouse types
  • How to create and configurate warehouse types
  • Where to store and retrieve items
  • What reports are there with warehouse information
  • How to take an inventory
  • Alarm types
  • Configuration
  • Alarm actions
  • Alarm check
  • Functions of the shift book
  • Enter information in the system
  • Exchanges between staff
  • Create different types of entries
  • Advantages compared to paper
  • Monitoring option for alarms
  • Basic tasks
  • Set server time
  • Power down server
  • Router administration
  • Add mail server
  • System check
  • Backup check
  • How to create products: Weaving articles, Warp types, Yarn types etc.
  • How to create working schedules with part lists
  • What control options are available
  • Working with text blocks
  • Creating characteristics
  • Which data is needed
  • Where to find them
  • Which inputs are required
  • Which applications are used for evaluation
  • Examples of specific reports
  • Indications
  • Possible modifications
  • Control elements
  • Time scale
  • System configuration
  • What mobile devices can be used
  • What kind of information can you see on the app
  • Configuration of the look and feel
  • Configuration of the access rights
  • Management of documents
  • What kind of attributes are available
  • Where can they be linked to
  • Attributes for articles
  • Attributes for machines
  • What are inspection schemes


Webinar language: German

Server Administration

Mobile App

Alarms + Limits


Webinar language: Englisch

Server Administration

Mobile App

Alarms + Limits


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