ERP Purchase

Are you on the lookout for a simple but integrated solution for your purchasing department? We provide the suitable software which is quickly put into operation and helps you to standardize your purchasing processes.

Your benefit of ERP Purchase

A professional purchasing can increase the profit by using standardized and transparent processes. Production forecasts for requirements of raw material will minimize your financing needs as the raw material will be in the right place at the right time and production losses can be avoided.

Multiple entries will no longer be possible thanks to our linked order documents. With a single click a quote request turns into a purchase order and then into a reception of goods etc.

Purchase of materials

You can manage your purchasing with the target stock level, the raw material requirements for your production and the requirements of goods for sales orders. With the proposal board you will have the overview at any time and will be able to coordinate sales by various productions orders and/or suppliers. Create quote requests and purchase orders directly from the proposal board.

Goods receipt

The ordered material can be booked as an item into the warehouse directly on delivery. This helps to avoid multiple entries and guarantees complete traceability.

Features of Purchase

Quote request and offer analysis

  • Review of supply chain
  • Determining and monitoring of the delivery reliability of a supplier
  • Purchase control of the temporal needs of production
  • Goods receipt with partial delivery / complete delivery
  • Underdelivery / Overdelivery
  • Simple transformation of documents
  • Visualization of any open requirement
  • Summarization of equal requirements
  • Creation of production orders

Documents of Purchase

These documents will be created with SAP Crystal Reports according to your needs.

Document management

The system-wide document management completes this software option. It allows the storage of received documents such as customs declarations, declarations of origin, delivery notes, certificates and much more.

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