Option Warehouse Management

Management of spare parts, production accessories, auxiliary materials and consumables.

Storage of reeds and accessories

LOOMDATA allows the management of weaving accessories by their ID. At any time you can see the actual situation concerning the location and use of the parts. In the logbook it is also possible to trace the routes taken by the parts and analyze their usage.

Spare parts for machines

Keep the overview of any spare part of all different machine types and their life cycle. Electronic spare part catalogs of the machine manufacturers can be imported into the LOOMDATA system very easy.

Part list for requirement and reservation based on weaving and finishing styles

Determine which parts are necessary for your styles and order. Items such as heddles, reeds, solvents, and dye stuffs. Carry out a detailed calculation of the costs based on the list inserted by you, and proceed with the planning of the production.

Orders and deliveries

The warehouse management system includes the capability of inserting orders and deliveries. In this way you can have an overview of outstanding order and delivered items. Thanks to the Ticket Printing System option you can even print out simple parts order forms.

Management of chemical products and solvents

By using the management of the warehouse it is also possible to efficiently follow the use of chemicals and solvents. Thanks to the logbook, the usage of these materials can be assessed at any time.

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