Weaving Preparation Planning

This software options allows continuous planning of weaving preparation and weaving, as well as tracing of material from yarn to warp.

Preparation Order

The preparation order will be created according to the basic data that exists for the warp tape to be produced. Afterwards, the single process steps can be assigned to the machine to optimize machine occupation. LOOMDATA supports the following processes in preparation:
  • Warping / Beaming: both warping and beaming are recorded and analyzed correctly as individual processes. Both the re-beaming of warps as well as the processes of warping / beaming of the same yarn are supported in LOOMDATA.
  • Sectional Beaming: define the composition of the sectional warp and monitor its production. If necessary, the single sections can be managed as single or partial warps.
  • Drawing-in: connect the LOOMDATA system to automatic, semi-automatic or manual drawing-in workstations.
  • Sizing, Assembling
  • Rope Dyeing
Our system of work processes can be adapted according to the needs of textile production. With this flexibility it is possible to realize different combinations of process paths in the actual manufacturing of the warps.

Kettlager und Kettverwaltung

Warp inventory is integrated into the standard LOOMDATA system. The warps and section beams can be stored, removed from the warehouse and, above all, can be located easily. Searching for warps can be a thing of the past.

Preparation Tracker

The planning of your preparation machines will be displayed graphically in the Preparation Tracker. Bottlenecks and delays can be easily recognized and avoided.

Warp Warehouse and Management

The LOOMDATA machine stations allow data collection of work processes via VDI interface or directly via their own sensors in future. In the graphical tracker it is possible to clearly see the effects of changes in the manufacturing process on the fabric.

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